Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Warning: political rant

Okay, so I've not said much about the presidential race. Read this at your own risk. I am not responsible for raised blood pressure (other than my own).

I have to say, I don't know that I've ever watched a political convention before, but I thought the democratic national convention was pretty darn inspiring. I especially liked Obama's speech, and John Kerry's (didn't he used to be boring?). But since the republican's wanted to steal all the thunder from that... I'll veer in their direction...

Has anybody else noticed how WHITE the republican national convention is? I mean... it just seems like everybody's white.

And... now I see that the republicans want the press to leave sister Sarah alone. Hey, I've got nothing against her, but they do realize she is a vice presidential candidate, don't they? Pretty naive to think no one should know anything about her background if you ask me. According to this article, "Palin went through a rigorous process that included a three-hour interview and a survey with some 70 questions" (before being picked as vp candidate). Geezaroo... you've got to do that much to get a job at McDonald's flipping burgers. That's supposed to suffice for someone living in the white house!?! I don't blame republicans for not wanting to talk about her. I honestly think some of them thought it would be enough for us to just look at her. Ha!

And, you know, it's just like the conservative/republican/christian right to praise her (and her daughter) for not having abortions, but then not give a rip about what they do AFTER the kids are born. I mean, I kinda wonder if it might not even be 'un' christian to vote this republican ticket. What kind of parent would take a job like this when they've just had a child with downs syndrome and they just found out their unwed teenage daughter is pregnant? And what kind of person would wish that on anyone? Just having a newborn in itself is a full-time job, let alone everything else. I would think the Christian thing to do would be to attend to these extenuating family matters now, and devote yourself to your career later on if you want. "Aren't you kids glad mommy didn't abort you? But now I've got more important things to do, so... run along now."

I am certainly not opposed to a woman vice president (or president, for that matter). I just don't think Gov. Palin should be it. At least not right now. And given what we know about Johnny, it's entirely possible she would have to finish his term for him if he gets elected. This is not a sitcom, you know. It's kind of important.

And speaking of John... what does this say about his decision-making ability. Not that he isn't an upstanding dude and all that - I can admire his character and integrity - it's not that I don't like him. The truth is... I don't trust him. He's too prone to rash decisions, and I think this vp selection was nothing short of political shenanigans with little to no thought for the repercussions it might have later on ("nobody's going to tell me what to do").

Well, I could go on, but... I really don't care all that much. There is only one King, and I will serve him regardless of who gets elected president of the USA. For the record, there was plenty at the dnc that I didn't agree with too, and there's plenty I don't agree with Obama about. Electing a president in our country isn't about finding someone I agree with on every issue. But John-boy kinda scares me; and Obama kinda inspires me. Certainly inspiration isn't everything, but it's something. So... yeah.

Peace out; and in.


MR said...

I think it's good when anyone gets interested in politics. Unfortunately I got interested on 9/11/01, but this election will most certainly get people watching the news.

Tom said...

So I take it you believe the place for a Christian woman is as a stay at home mom???? Maybe her husband is going to be a stay at home dad.

Okay, so I really don't think you believe that about women and I have no idea what the husband's plans are but I think you did jump to some stereotypical conclusions here.

dan h. said...

Yeah, I completely expected someone to bring that up, and was surprised it took this long. No, it wouldn't matter to me if it were a woman or a man. I would think it wasn't the right time for ANYONE under these immediate circumstances. Unless of course their number one priority was developing their own political career.

dan h. said...

And I wouldn't expect the dad to be staying home, because he's got to go out and "drill, baby, drill."

Something about another white house connection to big oil doesn't sit too well with me either.

Tom said...

In that case no one should be president until their children are grown. face it, you just don't like her and never will.

But on to another point. I forgot to ask my brother how the Palin pick affects his election theory that in the end looks are the determining factor. Way before Obama had a chance against Hillary he picked him to be the president based on that. I'm beginning to wonder if McMahon isn't secretly paying him as an advisor and he picked Palin just to try and counteract it.

Carrie Jade said...

I don't think it's that crazy to state that maybe no one should be president until their children are grown. I personally feel bad for the children of presidents. Not too many of them make it out okay... But then we'd have to say that celbrities can't have children either. And then we're just controlling the population. Which...I'll stop there. :)

I don't really know anything about this Sarah lady so I can't say to much. As sad as it is, she will be treated a whole lot different not only because she's a woman but because she's a mother of some pretty young children. Just the way it is.

dan h. said...

I don't think it's that crazy of an idea that people wait until their children are older to serve in this capacity either. And, not that I would tell anyone how to be a parent, but I do think certain extenuating circumstances can, and should, come into play in what we do with our lives. Childhood development can be a delicate thing. But I'm just giving my opinion here. God knows I'm in no position to advice presidential candidates. But if MY wife had just had a baby, and our teenage daughter had just announced she was pregnant, MY time and MY mind would have been occupied on things other than my own career advancement at the time. Certainly I am no 'hockey mom' though.