Saturday, October 25, 2008

3 years of blogging

Today is my anniversary... or blogiversary. It was three years ago today that I started this blog. My first post was 'Welcome To My Mind.' I never imagined anyone would read it, let alone leave comments eventually.

I've met a lot of people and made some good friends. I appreciate those of you who have taken the time to read and/or comment.

Peace out; and in.


JAH said...

Thanks for blogging. I'm sure it has been a pain, but for me, it has been very insightful, thought provoking and entertaining. Keep up the great work...and Happy Blogiversary!

MR said...

I remember when you handed me your business card and I saw you had your blog address on there. I was like "uh-oh, you're going to regret this..." Happy 3!

dan h. said...

Jane & MR,
I appreciate your participation on the blog. Thanks.

grace said...

Congratulations Dan!

Jim said...

Is it too late to jump on the bandwagon? :o)


Brook said...

Hey brother, congrats on the blogiversary! Having about 5 years of blogging off and on, I know the pain that it can be at times. It also provides some great relationships with people we wouldn't normally have met or conversed with regularly. I respect your perspective and leadership and look forward to reading more of your happenings in the future!


Brook Sarver

dan h. said...

Grace, Jim & Brook,

In the words of Eeyore... 'thanks for noticin' me.'

Jim said...

You may think of yourself as Eeyore, but you'll always be Pooh to us! :o)

Carrie Jade said...

Hey...i know I'm late but my morning wouldn't be the same without your blogs. So thanks!! I was only 20 when you started..seems like ages ago.

Also - books to read. I saw in Relevant that Rob Bell has a new book out. How come I haven't heard of this?? Maybe it's not out yet. Who knows?

dan h. said...

That's pretty funny. :)

Do you mean Rob's book, "Jesus Wants To Save Christians"? It is out. I've heard it's good. I think Rob is just too hip for me though.