Friday, October 31, 2008

Beard - week 2

Here is a pic of the beard after 2 weeks. Yes, it's looking a bit scraggly. Son Isaac took my trimmer just before I decided to grow it. I bought a new one yesterday though. I need to trim it up in a few spots, but I am going to try to get some length out of this beard. I doubt that I will make it to ZZ Top land, but I'm gonna try. I have shaved the lower part of my neck a few times. That just gets too itchy.

Speaking of ZZ Top, I was just pondering whether or not to go see Nine Inch Nails when they come to town in a couple weeks. Never seen them, but it sounds like fun. We'll see.

Speaking of seeing... I love the view out that window behind me in this pic. It's a great time of year to live in the Midwest.

For comparison's sake, you can see 'Beard - week 1' HERE.


Carrie Jade said...

Nine Inch Nails might be a bit crazy. They're pretty out there - in a Marilyn Manson-ish type way. Well they used to be...

I have one of their newer CDs. It's extrememly political but I coudl lend it to ya this weekend.

MR said...

w/re:2 NiN, "I wanna [BLEEP!] you like an animal" is no love song.

dan h. said...

Hehe... yeah, I'm a little familiar with NIN. I wasn't necessarily thinking of it as a concert to "enjoy the music" as much as for the cultural experience.

People pay gobs of money to take "eye-witness" missionary trips, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about other people-groups right in our own backyard sometimes.

Not that I'm being entirely altruistic either... the Fort doesn't get too many big-name groups here. But this type thing trips my trigger a lot more than going to Haiti or somewhere like that. And I know some people who are huge NIN fans. Still not sure if I'll go, but just curious.

Thanks for the warnings though. :)

Carrie, I would take a listen to your CD if you remember it.

Brook Sarver said...

The first song I learned word for word was ZZ Top's "Sleeping Bag"... We've got home videos to prove it! What a child I was!

I like the beard btw... I thought about growing a Winter beard, but since my facial hair is yet to hit puberty, I'd have to start now to grow a decent beard from Christmas '09... Bummer...

dan h. said...

I think you need to post this video on your blog. I'd love to see it!