Friday, October 31, 2008

Turn your clocks back

Just in case you've forgotten - or for some odd reason get your news here - don't forget to TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK ONE HOUR this Saturday night/Sunday morning (Nov. 1/2). Daylight Saving Time officially ends at 2 am Sunday morning, so we get to sleep an extra hour. That way everyone should be up and ready for a worship service somewhere bright and early Sunday morning. If you don't know of one, I can help you out with that (if you don't mind coming to the outskirts of Fort Wayne, Indiana).

Here's what to do: The easiest thing to do is... before going to bed on Saturday night, turn all your clocks back one hour. If it is 11 pm, set them for 10 pm. Then go to bed, and when you wake up in the morning all will be right with the world (and it will be Standard Time again). If church is at 10 am, then it will still be at 10 am - because the church clocks will be reset too.

I believe most cell phones reset automatically, though some may still need to be turned off and back on again.

If you have any questions, ask someone with a name tag.

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