Saturday, October 04, 2008

The fort wayne potheads

Wow. I thought it was bad enough that Fort Wayne's NBA developmental league team was nicknamed the "Mad Ants." Now, for some reason, somebody thought they needed to rename the minor league baseball team just because they're moving into a new stadium next year. And the "TINCAPS" was the best they could come up with!?! Geez-o-pete. I don't know...

According to the Fort Wayne Tincaps website:
The “TinCaps” moniker is a reference to the beloved pioneer Johnny Appleseed, who was known for wearing his tin cooking pot upon his head. The primary logo will be an apple wearing Johnny’s trademark “Tin Cap.”

So, basically, we are the Potheads. Yep, that's what the downtown needed for revitalization.

I have to admit, though, I actually like the idea of revitalizing downtown. We like to go down to the library for bands during the summer. And even though I'm not much of a baseball fan, I'm much more likely to go see the Potheads downtown than I was to go see the old Wizards out by the Coliseum.

I don't know though. Isn't that the weirdest name you've ever heard of?


MR said...

Sheez... I guess it's a foregone conclusion that Applebee's will be sponsoring them.

I can hear it now: "keep your ticket stubs, folks because after the game they're good for a napkin someone blew their nose in at Applebee's Neighborhood grill and bar..."

Now Potheads I would have liked. The fan club could be "The Munchies"

Fort Wayne Pothead said...


dan h. said...

Hahaha... that's too funny!

And everybody goes to Applebees afterwards for munchies.