Monday, October 06, 2008

New template for church website

I changed the template for the church website this morning. We'd had the old one since Jane first set it up in August of 2003 I believe. I don't much care for the picture of the books on this one, but I like the simple look of it. I don't personally like those all cluttered up with stuff. And I wish the ads weren't on there, but that's what you get for free hosting. I don't mind them that much.

I need to change some of the content and the way the pages are set up. Someday maybe.

I don't know if anyone ever looks at the site anyway. It's nice in the winter if we have to cancel services. And I've also had lots of the new people say they checked us out there before they ever came to visit. That's mainly what I want it for.


Carrie Jade said...

I like it! It looks a bit strange on my moniter at work but I have one of those 19" wide screens so all websites look a bit strange. Can you make the font bigger at all?

I still vote for a new family picture but I know you like that one :)

I like the change though. It's refreshing for someone who looks at the website at least once a month...

Jim said...

You and I use the same hosting service for our churches. It's OK, but I wish now I had done something different. One thing to remember, though - there is nothing to stop you from doing an iframe and hosting a blog (Blogger or otherwise) and/or Google Calendar on pages to allow for more easy updating than what the hosting service provides. Check out the pages I set up at our church site for news (a Blogger blog backing that) and calendar (a Google calendar backing that).

If you want to know how I did that let me know and I will set up a Web session and show you.

dan h. said...

Yeah, someday I need to change that picture.

As far as the fonts... I can change them, but what do you mean specifically. On the "Welcome" page that stuff is a 12 - other than the fish fry stuff, which I wanted smaller to separate it from the other. Is that too small?

Thanks for the advice, but I'm not sure I'm up for adding anymore to it at this time. I will keep you in mind should I ever decide to though. :)

MR said...


If you're using Internet Explorer, you can select the PAGE drop-down menu then go to TEXT SIZE. I leave mine at LARGE because I'm getting old. If you use Firefox or Safari, I'm sure the same feature is in there, but you're on your own finding it.

JAH said...

I think it looks good - I suppose the picture (sh)could be updated, but it would be hard to not see that one on there...