Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election update & a bible cry

At 3:49 pm the election judge said 229 of the 290 registered voters in our precinct had now voted. That only leaves, what, like 61 left. About 8 more have walked in while typing this.

I lost track of how many pots of coffee I made a long time ago. Many. Of course some people are kind of just hanging around. It's been nice having some company today. Everyone has been in a quite jovial mood. Several people from church have been here most of the day manning the coffee/cookie table. They let me make the coffee though, because none of them drink it.

Earlier I heard one of the younger election workers outside my door ask one of the ladies if she could have one of the Bibles we have set out. We have a stack of them in the entryway to give away to people. One of the ladies came over and told her she could, and then I listened as this young single mother broke down in tears and poured her heart out to this older lady. She was at the end of her rope and didn't know what to do, and the older woman just listened, and told her God loved her, and that anytime she needed to talk she would be available. Pretty soon the tears turned to laughter, and the whole time I sat in my office and just marveled at how God can use some mighty strange circumstances to do some pretty awesome work. It was a very cool thing, indeed.

I am starting to wear down big-time. And to top things off, we have a board meeting tonight. I have no idea what we even need to talk about. Maybe it will be short.

Peace... out and in.

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Carrie Jade said...

AMAZING!!!! except the bored meeting part. Check the latest message i posted on your facebook.