Friday, November 28, 2008

What i did on thanksgiving

So, Thanksgiving day is history now. It was a rather uneventful day, but we did have a full house - since it doesn't take much to fill our house up. It was nice having Isaac and Drew Carrie, and of course Bogie Boy.

I think we slept late, but I can't remember now what time I even got out of bed. I did my usual net surfing to start the day. Jane made a coffee cake like her mom always used to make, and I think I ate half of it before Carrie got here (sorry).

Jane made some stuffing for our part of the Thanksgiving meal that our church provided for someone. She also made a pot of vegetable soup for us for lunch - since we weren't having the big meal until evening. I could never really tell what she was making, and when, all day. I try to stay out of the cooking area as much as possible. I don't know anything about cooking, and the truth be told, I don't really WANT to see my food until it is already cooked. Maybe it has something to do with being forced to help my dad clean and gut pheasant and quail when I was a young boy - it just grosses me out.

While I ran on the treadmill for an hour I went back and forth between watching various parades and the Arrested Development marathon on tv. When I got off the machine Jane had rearranged the living room for the first time. Apparently she is planning to put the Christmas tree up this weekend. Later in the day we got the idea to rearrange again. We put the piano in the KITCHEN (of all places - though it doesn't look that bad), and now we can have the sofa so it faces the tv, instead of making it impossible to sit on the sofa and watch tv. So this is all different. I put one of the table things in Isaac's old room, and put the green hutch where that table was beside Bogie's food bowl, and put the piano where the green hutch had been. When we ate we pulled the black chair that's usually in the kitchen into the living room so we all had a place to sit while watching the game and eating. Wow, it sounds so exciting, doesn't it?

Anyway, I got a bit ahead of myself... after the treadmill I showered, then I cleaned some junk out of the truck. I forgot I threw a bunch of stuff in it several weeks ago that somebody gave us when they cleaned out someone's house who had died. I was reminded of it when I pulled the truck to the back yard so we could have an extra parking space out front. It was mostly junk, but I salvaged some nifty Neil Diamond Christmas cd's. And it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside.

I also fixed the bottom drawer of the green hutch. This was the drawer that held most of our cd's, and the bottom had given out, so that some of the cd's fell on the floor below it (and we didn't even know it). So I glued, and screwed, and drilled, and didn't use a bad word once, and fixed the drawer good. Jane asked me to fix something else while I was at it, but I forget now what that was. Sorry.

I watched a bit of the Titans/Lions game. I like that rookie running back for the Titans. I didn't know he ran a 4.24 40 at the combine. Then THE game finally came on. I was so glad the Cowboys had an easy time of it against the Seahawks. Not that I really care that much if they win or not, but it just made the food settle a little better. I think we ate around 6:30 or 7 pm. Jane set it out in the kitchen and we all filled our plates and ate in the living room. That's just how it is, you know. I felt bad, because while I was eating I remembered that I was going to pray before we ate, and I forgot. We do have a lot to be thankful for, even if we didn't say it out loud.

After the Cowboy's game we watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving episode on dvd, then I did my part and helped clean up the dishes. I feel guilty about not cooking, so I can at least wash and take out the garbage - though I'm kind of a slow cleaner.

I don't even remember what we watched after that. Drew built a house of cards, and then got Bogie to crash it down for him. I read on MR's blog where they played Bingo, and that's something we should do, but I'm not real good at organizing us as a family unit to do things like that. Maybe next year. I do have a Bingo game, even though it's at the church. We have boring family gatherings because I'm one of those people that can just sit and stare off into space. It's probably not much fun for everyone else, so maybe if I start planning now I can think of something for next year. I'll probably forget though. Maybe I should delegate it...

Anyway, about the only thing left I can think of is what we ate. Um... let's see... there was turkey, two kinds of stuffing (because I like stove top and everyone else likes homemade), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, noodles, green been casserole, asparagus, rolls, um... it seems like I'm leaving something out...; we also had pumpkin pie AND pecan pie. I had a dash of pumpkin under my cool whip. Anyway, it was way more than we could eat, but my wife is a grandosheous cook, and her food not only tastes good on the first serving, but it makes great leftovers too. I will be just as much of a pig today as I was yesterday. Not only do we have leftover Thanksgiving food, but also leftover vegetable soup, and leftover pizza from Friday night. I should probably go do the treadmill now.

Peace, peeps. I hope your Thanksgiving was grand too.

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