Saturday, November 29, 2008

End black friday sales

Is there anything that makes consumerism any worse, or consumers themselves, than the day-after-thanksgiving sales (Black Friday)? I vote we put an end to these stupid days where stores open at stupid hours, and put on stupid sales, which draw stupid people, who act completely stupid, and people end up getting hurt or KILLED, just so some stupid kid can get a stupid toy that they won't even care about. I think it's all stupid. And like all that isn't bad enough... it reminded my of that stupid "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" song.

Other than that... happy holidays.


Jim said...

I concur. When I heard that news yesterday (which I didn't even want to - I had the radio on in the truck) I was saddened for the rest of the day.

MR said...

You can't supress outlets of stupidity. The same people that trample employees at Wal-Mart will burn down their house and family trying to deep-fry a turkey. Stupidity, like the great river, may change course over time, but it will always flow steadily.

...which is why I sell chainsaws.