Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas eve '08 pics

This is what it looked like around 8:30 am on Christmas Eve 2008, looking from the front door of the church towards our house. It was foggy and raining, and at this time the parking lot was a sheet of ice. It ended up getting to around 45 F, melting the ice, but then turned colder again.

And this is what my office looks like on Christmas Eve. I took the chair out so you could see. I wish I could say it was messy like this because I was so busy with Christmas stuff, but even though I have been busy, it kinda looks like this most of the time. I need to do something about that. Maybe that will be an '09 resolution.

This is the lovely Lady Jane playing the piano at our Christmas Eve service. It was a nice night. Probably had 80 or so there. Lots of guests. I only had 8 communion cups left over, so I cut that pretty close. We sang 2 carols, read the Christmas story from Luke 2, Drew did a solo, I read Paul Harvey's story about the geese, we had communion, got in a circle and lit our candles, and sang Silent Night.

Merry Christmas.


MR said...

re: the office pic: You didn't include the 1963 genuine Merv Griffin set chair that I covet so much.

"I'm glad you came in to see us, and I think you'll like our church... oh, it's time for a break..."

[crunch down some chips, chase with a cola]

"okay, we're back."

dan h. said...

Dumpsters are a great place to find stuff after Christmas.