Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sharing the warmth

A small group of 7 from our church took another bundle of items to the homeless of Fort Wayne this morning. It was downright freezing cold. I didn't get there in time to get a picture of the pile before it was unsorted, but here is how it looked before loading up the van. I've probably told before how everything has to be taken out of the package and all tags removed. That way it gets used, rather than taken back to a store for money.

There always seem to be a few first-timers every time they go. This time our entire Middle School Sunday School class went. It's only 2 kids and their teacher. But still. They put together little packets with a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, a wash cloth, and some other stuff as a class project, and wanted to help deliver them too. Nice.

After praying, the group just drives around town looking for people who look like they're homeless (and, yes, most of the time they either are, or they're poor enough that they take something). There are a couple of spots where they know people hang out. When it gets around noon they head to the Rescue Mission and there is usually a nice crowd of people there.

This doesn't solve homelessness or anything, but there will be a few people in our area who will be a little warmer today. Hopefully they will know someone cares about them too.

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