Sunday, December 14, 2008

This and that

Some random nonsense swimming in and out of view in my mind...
  • Bogie walked all the way around the outside of the house the other day. Well, it was actually more of a shuffle... but still, it's the furthest he's drug his butt around at one time in awhile.
  • Last night was the first Christmas party for Jane's new job. People from all the banks were there. It was quite fun. It was held at Timber Ridge Country Club in Bluffton. I'd say there were about 100 people there. I was quite surprised when we walked in and the president greeted us both by name! I'd never met him, and Jane has worked there less than two months. She says he is a real servant leader - not afraid to do anything that needs doing. He seemed like a swell guy. I was also suprised that we prayed before we ate, and then, before we left, the president prayed a blessing on everyone. Interesting. Anyway, I won a 2 dollar bill, and the table centerpiece.
  • I wore a button shirt (and even tucked it in) one day this week. I was trying to see if I could be a real pastor. I survived the day, but just don't think I could do it on a regular basis.
  • I was standing in line at the new Target in FW the other day, and TWO people were nice to me. The lady in front offered to let me go ahead of her. I declined though, because I had nothing else to do, and standing in line was better than sitting at home. Then a moment later, the lady behind me told me another register just opened and I could be first in line there. Hmm... I wonder if I smelled or something.
  • I went to the new Gordman's store. You know, I don't get that place at all. I walked in and almost tipped over. They have stuff hung waaaay up on the walls. And unless I'm just stupid, there are NO AISLES in that store! It's like as soon as you walk in the door you're in the middle of a department, and you can't tell where one department starts and another stops. I don't like that. I like WIIIIIDE aisles. I have no reason to go back in that store.
  • On a more serious note... I'm really thinking of breaking off my relationship with the Dallas Cowboys. All kidding aside. I have been a Cowboys fan since 1969. I've been through losing seasons, winning seasons. And, even though I didn't like how Jerry Jones took control of the team, I stuck with them still. But it's just getting to be way too much of a circus. I'm much too old to find a new team, so I don't know if it's time to just shelf the whole thing, or... I don't know... can fans become free agents too? Maybe I should offer my loyalty to the highest bidder. Nah, that wouldn't be right. I dunno... it's depressing.
  • A guy across the way from us is building a new barn (pictured below). It looks much bigger in real life than this picture shows. Every time I look at it I think, "Man, that would make one cool church building." I really think it would.


MR said...

TWO people were nice to you?!

Then it's true... we HAVE been invaded.

You sure that's not a Pizza Hut going up next door?

Tom said...

I wouldn't become a free agent right now if I were you. The Lions might just pick you up and then you'd really be sorry.

dan h. said...

A Pizza Hut next door??? I might actually eat there once or twice ....a year (or until I got hepatitus).

Regarding the Lions... I just read a list of "The Most Depressing NFL Christmas Gifts." Number 36 says, "If you're dressing your infant daughter like a Lions cheerleader this winter, you're basically announcing, 'I want my little girl to grow up with no self-esteem whatsoever and eventually go into porn.'"

That would be funny if it weren't quite so true. Ouch. Good point, Tom.

Tom said...

Ahh, you mention the one good thing about William Clay Ford Sr. At least imho though others vehemently disagree. The Lions don't have cheerleaders.