Friday, December 26, 2008

Waiting in vain (a review of marley & me)

[extra credit for artist and album the title is from - which happens to be my favorite album from said artist]

What do you do on Christmas evening after the kids have gone their separate ways? The lovely lady and I decided on movie popcorn for supper. We weren't really up for a concentration camp caper or anything too intense, so it was Marley and Me. Yep, the chick-flick comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.

Now, mind you, I am no movie critic. I have never been a real big fan of either of the stars either. Not that Jen isn't easy enough to look at, or that I don't like Owen... they fit well into the roles they usually play. Let's just say most of their movies are not at the top of my must-see list. And I wouldn't rate this movie any differently, but... it had it's good points.

The dog (Marley), of course, had a big role in the film. And, yes, his name comes from Bob. A little more reggae wouldn't have done the evening any harm. But it wasn't entirely about the dog. There WAS a pretty good message... about the choices we face in our lives, and the importance of those choices. As well as the fact that life isn't always what we make it, but often what we allow to happen. Sometimes the best things in life are NOT those things we plan, but the things that "come up." And these unplanned surprises don't ruin our lives, but rather, help to make us who we are. I liked that part.

Without spoiling the movie for you, though, let me just say that if you have an old dog - especially one that can no longer walk (Bogie) - you might want to wait for it to come out on video. It was a full theater, and I have never seen and heard more people crying at a movie in my life. I was a blubbering fool for the last 45 minutes, and that was nothing compared to the hot little number clinging to my shoulder.

Throughout the movie I mostly had two main thoughts: I am getting old. Which isn't so bad really, and it's helped my priorities change. Things that used to be important aren't that important anymore, and things I didn't used to care about are now some of my biggest concerns. Secondly though, I kept wondering... how is it that this guy can make a living doing basically the same thing I do every day on my dang blog? :) Yes, I know I am not a writer. I'm just a liver. And I know why I make no money at it. I also know why I pastor a small church. And both of those things are okay with me. This is who I am. The older I get, the more comfortable I am becoming with that.

So, while I don't know that I can recommend a tear-jerking, chick-flick in good conscience... I'm glad we went to this movie. It made me glad to see Bogie-boy when we got home, and I was happier still to be with the one I love.

Peace out; and in.


MR said...

You're a liver?

Well what am I? Chopped Liver?

sorry, had to take that one.

Tom said...

Marley - Legend

dan h. said...

Well... I wasn't going to say anything...

You are 'technically' correct, but Legend is a "best of" collection. The album I was referring to is Exodus. It was voted by Time magazine as "the most important album of the 20th century." And rightfully so. Thanks for playing. I guess you win the prize by default anyway. So... congratulations (that's your prize).

JAH said...

Thanks for going to the chick flick with me for Christmas and letting me cry on your shoulder. Sometimes being a little sappy is just kind of nice and what one needs on a calm Christmas evening...especially when I'm with you...