Friday, December 26, 2008

The friday after christmas

Here it is, the day after Christmas, and it's also my scheduled day off for the week. I was up at 6 am. Lady Jane has to work 8-5 today, and daughter Carrie was off at 7 to go see her two best middle school friends in Columbus, Ohio (via Findlay). Drew has departed. I think son Isaac is here - apparently in his bed for a change - sleeping. The dog has been carried out and back in for his morning potty. And here I sit.

There must have been a bit of precipitation during the night, as the ground doesn't *look* wet, but it's a bit slick. They said we were supposed to have freezing drizzle, turning to rain. It's about 28 F, but is to warm up to 45 during the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60's. This weather is wacked out.

I guess I could clean the house, but I just did that before Christmas day. I could probably go shopping. I have to admit, I actually like shopping. Must be the feminine side in me. I don't care to buy so much, but I like being around the people. Especially when I am unnoticed. But... I dunno... the day after Christmas could be a bit much. And there is nothing I need to buy. I suppose I could go to work. It is right *there.* There's also plenty I could do. But... sometimes I think the hardest part is NOT doing what needs done, rather than doing it. It will still be there tomorrow.

I will likely go visit a nursing home at some point today. Other than that, I have a feeling I'm going to be sitting with a nervous dog. It is already thundering and lightninging (how do you say that? I guess it's all singular).

Well, I guess it's the Friday after Christmas. That's what it is. Here I sit. I could brush my teeth. That'll take a couple minutes. You know... one of the neatest things I've learned in the past few years - and I think I learned it from my son, who learned it from his girlfriend - is to dry off my toothbrush after using it. I used to just use it, rinse it off, and leave it sit (or hang). It would eventually always get all crusty-white. But if you rinse it, AND THEN DRY IT, it stays looking like new forever! I can't believe I never knew this. I now look at my toothbrush every time I walk in the bathroom, just to see it sparkly and clean. It makes me feel good for some reason.

Okay... I will go brush my teeth now.

Peace out; and in.

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Carrie Jade said...

haha, i dry off my toothbrush as well - something i learned from Isaac who learned from Laura. Maybe Laura learned it from a post officer :)