Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dungy & Tebow

It has been nice to see a couple of guys like Tony Dungy and Tim Tebow in the news lately (rather than the whiners and thugs that so often seem to fill sporting news airwaves). I watched the press conference of Dungy's resignation last night and felt like I was at a church service. The man just exudes the presence of Christ. I remember hearing a long time ago (when he was an assistant coach with the Vikings) about him leading Bible studies with players and coaches. That was all new to me at the time, and that made a big impression on me for some reason. I've never forgotten about it. I thought it was interesting what one commentator, who used to play for Tony, said about his coaching. Something to the effect... "He was never loud or got carried away, yet you listened to every word he said."

And last week it was Tebow. Time and again you hear teammates talk about him as the "person they most trust" or the "person they most admire." It's nice seeing a college student known for something besides partying or causing trouble.

I also think it's interesting that both Dungy and Tebow are so blatantly open about their faith in Jesus, and can talk about it so easily, yet you never hear anyone say anything bad about them or make fun of them like most over-the-top Christians. I think it's a testament to their character.

Good guys. Not only do I admire them, but I'd like to be more like them myself.

Peace out; and in.

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