Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mouse vase

Sounds like a band name. Actually, there has been this terrible odor every time we open the cabinet door under the sink. I've thought it was the garbage on several occasions, but it didn't go away when we took the garbage out. So I thought something must have been spilled under the sink. Last night I was bored, so I finally decided to clean the area under the sink. For some reason we store our flower vases there, along with some cleaning supplies. The smaller vases are upside down and inside of the bigger ones. For some odd reason some of them had a little water in them too, and so all of them had a good dose of yuck growing inside. But one in particular - the biggest one, with a smaller one inside it upside down - had a big black 'blob' in the bottom. I even said to Jane, "Gee, something is definitely growing in this one." So I was filling each vase with hot water and letting them soak while I cleaned the rest of the stuff out from under the sink. Then... when I emptied them out... that big black blob was actually... a dead mouse! Uck. At least I discovered the source of the odor. Bogie was laying on the floor giving me this look like, "Man, I wondered if you were ever going to get rid of that." Yep.

Last night I also ran 4.3 miles, took a shower, changed the memory card on the Dish console, put saddle soap on my boots, thought about ironing clothes, folded some clothes, did some crosswords while watching nothing on tv, and took the dog out to the bathroom twice. It was like 3 degrees F, but there was absolutely no wind. There must have been an accident on highway 1, because there was all kinds of traffic around Smith Rd and back over. Went to bed at 11:15.

Exciting times.


Patricia said...

Lovely! Hmm, now I'm getting worried because we, too, have a mysterious odor in the garage that hasn't gone away. I wonder if Miss Libby (my champion killer of a cat) has scored a victory out there... and then left it to rot. She tends to get bored when the mousey stops "playing."

dan h. said...

Yes, cats have a habit of leaving some interesting things behind. I remember ours once left the perfect head (just the head) of a mouse right smack in the middle of the living room. I suppose she wanted us to mount it and hang it on the wall or something.