Thursday, January 29, 2009

Office routine

This is my reading position when in the office. I call it 'old-school facebook.' You know, put a book in front of your face and read it.

These are the fruits of my labor (or the foods I normally take with me to the office each day). A cup of coffee, a banana for around 10 am, an apple for the afternoon, and the orange is a treat I can stick in anywhere. I love those little oranges. The other day I peeled one in one piece.


Jim said...

I wish I were more of a "fruit person", I would eat healthier for it. I like fruit, but not quite enough to ever eat any! :o)

Carrie Jade said...

I, too, wish I was more fruity. Although I do keep a bag of crasins at my desk for healthy snacking. They can be found right next to the peanut butter (with a spoon) and mini bags of no butter popcorn. Somewhat healty - without all the added benefits of fruit.

MR said...

The problem is the whole shelf-life issue. You'll be at the store all the time just to keep fruit in the house. Even the stuff with more longevity like grapes and pineapple don't seem the same after a while. I hate grapes with loose skin ((shudder)). I think boiling it down to necessity, it may be more important to get a souce of fiber from somewhere, even if not from the fruit (vit. C really helps, though). It's pretty clear that keeping your digestive system moving is a key to health.

...and that's all I have to say about that.

dan said...

Well, I didn't say I *liked* fruit. I actually have to force myself to eat it. I would much rather eat veggies even. But fruit is good for my cholesterol and blood pressure and stuff. Drats.

MR is right though... finding good fruit with any kind of a shelf life is a pain. You definitely can't buy it at just any old place. Fresh Market isn't too bad.

And, yeah, that's enough digestive system talk.

Carry on.

MR said...

Yeah, it's good for your cholesterol, your blood pressure and your :