Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow again

We got a bit of snow again last night, and it's still snowing. They said we should get somewhere between 2-6 inches. I would guess we got somewhere on the high side of that.

Of course Jane had to open at the bank today, so I drove her there. I took the interstate on the way there, and regretted every minute of it. People are just STUPID on the interstate when the roads are bad. I think we left at 7:30 and pulled in the parking lot sometime after 8.

The snow plow was actually plowing the lot when we got there. I did my good deed for the day and shoveled the walk. This is when it's bad to have two entrances. So I shoveled up a good sweat and headed for home.

I came home by taking Jefferson to Engle and over to Bluffton Road. Bluffton down to Yoder Rd, and from there I just hoped I didn't meet anybody or have to stop. It really wasn't bad until I got to Yoder Rd. But my windshield wipers kept icing up the whole way. I stopped at the Waynedale McDonald's and cleaned them off good, but by the time I got home they were streaking again. Of course the windshield only streaks right in the drivers line of vision. At any rate, it took 40 minutes to get home.

Now I just have to go pick her up at 5, and hopefully that will be it for driving today.

I don't much care for snow.

UPDATE: It was fine in the afternoon. Fortunately I just missed the waiting line on I-69 for the jack-knifed semi. They were just starting to back up to exit 102, which is where I got off.

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