Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday is tired

I don't know why I stayed up to watch the entire Texas/Ohio State game last night. I don't like either team. But I was rooting for the Big Ten. I hated to see OSU get beat. At least it wasn't an embarrassment.

Tonight is our annual congregational meeting at church. We'll go over the annual report, which kind of goes over the events and happenings of this past year and looks ahead to next year. We are also confirming a new council member, and the people who will attend our regional conference this summer. Then we open it up for questions and/or comments. I used to get nervous about these meetings, because the first few got kinda nasty. They have been quite good in recent years though. I'm not at all nervous about the meeting tonight, but the weather is supposed to turn nasty this afternoon or evening. Snow, sleet, ice. I hate winter.

At some point today I need to remember to go buy a gift card from Bandito's. Our council chairman will be going off the board tonight, so I took it upon myself to get him a gift for his years of service. It's not an easy job; and the pay sucks (there is none); so I thought I'd get him gift cards to take his family out for supper and to a movie. I got the movie passes last night.

Well, it's snowing now. This would be a good day to sleep. Or read...

Peace out; and in.

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