Thursday, February 26, 2009

Advil is the answer

I've been writing in my paper journal lately, but the search capabilities in those things just aren't quite as nice as a blog. So this is kinda just for my own personal record-keeping type stuff.

I took m'lady to two different specialists this week. First it was the return visit to the arthritis doctor whom she had already seen, and who had her get the labs and x-rays last week. A nice guy, and he said she does not have rheumatoid arthritis. There are some spurs on her fingers (everybody knows these should only be worn with tennis shoes), and on some vertebra in her back. There isn't much you can do, and they are early signs of ortho-arthritis (the regular kind), but he said it's pretty normal for people her age. He also said her weight was "excellent" - which I already knew. As far as the pain in her back, it is most likely coming from some disc compression in the lower back. He gave her some exercises to do; told her swimming would be good (you know, if we had a pool); and said biking would be better than running. And, just take Advil three times a day.

On Wednesday we went to see the Cardiologist. She had a "stress-echo" test on the treadmill. I fell asleep in the waiting room, and when I woke up an hour and a half later and she still wasn't done, I thought maybe she went to the local track to take it. At any rate, he said her heart is fine. He thought the chest pain might be muscle spasms, and he recommended... Advil.

So I guess we should basically just take Advil for anything and everything. Which is probably what I need. I just looked back, and I have been sick on-and-off for the last four weeks. I've been out of it again since Sunday night. I finally called the doctor today, and, of course, they are closed today. I've been looking for a reason to find a new doctor. But I need to get my yearly blood pressure med subscription renewed by the middle of next week. Whatever. I'm tired of feeling like crap. Hopefully he won't tell me to just take Advil.