Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday random

I guess I am back to blogging. I have a whole pile of posts accumulated in draft form... just not sure when and how to release them. Only one is from the last week; they rest are from before. Some are getting pretty old. There's been a lot going on recently, and at the same time it seems like nothing much. Weird how that works.

Today is Lady Jane's birthday. She has the day off work, and it is also conveniently my day off. That is nice. We learned last night that she is the same age as Sarah Palin. She's getting ready to go get her nails done, and I'm waiting for the doctors office to open. Pretty exciting. Though she does like getting her nails done, and I have always had a thing for nice fingernails too. I got her a Coldplay cd (the one she left in the Taurus when we traded it in), a couple boxes of those addicting little chocolate cherry things, and a picture frame with nine pictures of Bogie. She has already hung it by the door.

Son Isaac got second in his bid for President of the AU student body. He may be disappointed, but I am quite proud. And I actually think - given what I know of their platform - it might serve them better to NOT be in SGA. But what do I know. I still think it was a great experience.

I keep forgetting to check on Big Ten tournament tickets. Their basketball conference tournament is in Indy, and I've always wanted to go to that. I think it would be like the first level of heaven or something. But I have no idea how any of it works. I figure only being 100 miles away, I ought to at least try to check it out. But we'll see.

Well, the wind is blowing... it's Friday... I don't feel half bad today compared to the last month... but I'm still feeling real hesitant about jumping back into the blogosphere for some odd reason.

Here goes.


Jim said...

'bout time! :o)

dan horwedel said...

Thanks for noticing I was gone, Jim. :)