Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dr. visit

I finally went to the doctor yesterday. For four weeks I've been having this recurring sinus/allergy/runny nose/sore throat/nausea thing cycling back and forth. Everybody and their brother has told me I needed to go get an antibiotic, so... since I also needed to get my yearly blood pressure med prescription redone, I thought I'd get an antibiotic too. The doctor had other plans.

To start with, my bp was 138/90, so he doubled my bp meds. I have taken 10 mg of lisiniprol for as long as I can remember. Now I'm on 20 mg. He said that is still a minimal dosage. I also got it in a 90-day prescription, so it will only be $10 every three months, instead of $4 every month.

He wouldn't give me any antibiotics though. He said it just sounds like an allergy thing. As long as what's coming out of my nose/throat is clear it's fine. If it turns yellow or green then I have an infection. Whatever. I suppose Advil will help too. He did write me a prescription for Allegra 180. He said that should be better than over-the-counter Clariton or Zyrtec that I have been taking.

While waiting for the doctor I jumped on the scale and I was 171. That's a little more than I would prefer, but I haven't been on the treadmill very much in the last month with everything else that's been going on. My temp was 98.5. I had to do that myself too.

I decided to take the prescriptions to Walgreens in Waynedale. I used to always go to Walmart in Bluffton, but now there should be no need for me to ever have to go to Bluffton again. That was basically the only thing I ever needed to go there for. Of course there was a little glitch getting my new prescription card to work. I guess this was the first time I'd used it since changing to Jane's insurance, and it said my birthday was invalid. I checked with Jane to make sure I was using the right birthday. The girl called in and finally got it straightened out.

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