Monday, February 16, 2009

Random monday thoughts

Some random things on my mind...
  • Is the pastor's job to try to get people more involved in the church, or to encourage people to allow God to be more involved in their lives? I think the latter. I find myself thinking less and less about growing "our church," and more and more about helping people grow in their walk with Jesus. Does that make me a bad church pastor, or is that actually what my job should be? Jesus didn't come to give us church, but to give us life. I think that is found through the church, but maybe not in it.
  • Is there a difference between being "called out" people, and "sent out" people? Are they the same, or is it the tension between, or their convergence, that makes the Christian what they are?
  • Is church community supposed to be thought of in the same way as other forms of community? What if it is realizing the community of the trinity in our midst?
  • Yesterday morning I approached 2 different people - both of whom are newer to our church - about coming over for a visit... to see if they had any questions about the church, and to get to know one another... and both said no. I didn't feel offended at all, but... I didn't really know what to think about it.
  • There is a guy at the church working on our roof this morning. He is quiet for a construction guy. It's on the back side over the big storage room by the men's restroom. Where the newest new part connects to the less new part.
  • I have had some really strange conversations lately. Weird stuff.
  • Personally, I feel like something is about to happen. In a good way, I think. Not sure. And I have no idea what it might be.
  • I got some new pants last week. They were on sale for $13 on Friday the 13th. I was looking for some new jeans, because all mine have holes in them, but decided on these dockers instead because they were way cheaper. And I actually like them.
  • I have had this strange hankering to get a fitted suit, and maybe some fitted shirts. I've never had either. All my dress shirts look stupid, because I have to buy such a big neck, and then they are real baggy on me. What is most strange is why do I even care about this now? I would have no idea where to go to get fitted clothes. Or do you called that "tailored"?


Jim said...

They're called "collar extenders". :o)

You're welcome.

Ruth said...

Church should INSPIRE not REQUIRE.

And here's a hint about shirts - you can get these little loopy things that clip onto the top button to make the collar bigger.

I liked your random thoughts.

Oh my gosh I was about to post this then Jim's comment came up about the collar extenders. Yes that's what they are called.

Ruth said...

Oh no - the first part of my comment got cut off.

I wanted to say that I really loved thought #1. It really makes a difference to think of things in a different way like that.

dan horwedel said...

Thanks for the suggestions. That's still kind of missing the idea of "fitted" though. But I'm probably not going to do anything anyway. :)

Nice to meet ya, Ruth.