Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slow going

Yesterday evening I started cleaning off the yard from the flood last week. I was told Sunday that I couldn't leave all that debris there or it would kill the grass. You know, because I *am* the pastor. I think the field around us was wheat straw last year, so there was quite the stubble all over the church lawn. I had to use my snow shovel, because I don't have a pitchfork - even though I can distinctly remember bringing one from my dad's at one time, but I don't have any idea where it might be. So I picked up four pick-up truck loads of dirty gunk off the lawn and dumped it on the pile Meredith started in the parking lot. I would guess there are about 10 more loads to go. It was basically like cleaning out the horse barn, only the manure was just dirt. This morning I am kinda sore.

We are up early so Jane can get some blood tests and x-rays before she goes in to work (and if we get done in time maybe we can do breakfast). They're still trying to determine if she has rheumatoid arthritis.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a nursing home and walked in on a lady sitting on the toilet. Ugh. At least it wasn't someone I knew. I need something to get that image out of my head...

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