Monday, February 02, 2009

Super bowl thoughts

So another Super Bowl has come and gone. The Steelers beat the Cardinals 27-23 by scoring with less than a minute to go, after the Cardinals had scored with under 3 minutes to go (in case you didn't know). I guess I can now say that I was really hoping the Cardinals would win. The Steelers are just kind of bland to me. But... whatever.

I guess I was wrong about Neil Rackers playing a part in deciding the game too. At least it was a really good game. My biggest complaint was that the officiating seemed to play too big of a factor. Not that it favored one team over the other necessarily, but there were several "questionable" calls, and some very key calls. And you always hope that the officials will go unnoticed in a game, especially a big game like this. Not so last night.

As for the rest of the Super Bowl activities...

I was not at all impressed with the commercials. The only one I can really even remember is the MacGruber Pepsi commercial, which I thought was kinda funny (as long as you can remember MacGyver). And I was glad to finally find out what in the heck "G" is (Gatorade). Otherwise... eh...

I had never heard of Jennifer Hudson until she had some family members get killed recently, but wowza... that was maybe the best National Anthem I have ever seen or heard. Even though it was taped, it was still pretty darn awesome. If the end of the game hadn't been so good this might have been the highlight.

Bruce Springsteen at halftime... Um, here's a guy who, even though he was from "my" era, I have never owned any of his music. I always thought I should have. There are some songs of his that weren't real popular that I liked, but I can't remember the names of them. And... I don't know... the half-time show just didn't do it for me. In fact, it was everything I thought it WASN'T going to be. He should have just played that telecaster and sung through gritted teeth and left it at that. The chatter and prancing around the stage seemed... weird. Almost creepy. I didn't think he was going to make it getting up on the piano. But I've never had a connection with The Boss for whatever reason. I don't know why.

M'lady and I had our own private Super Bowl party. I splurged and got Doritos, celery with that canned spray cheese, and Pizza Rolls.

At least Illinois won yesterday (beat Iowa). Now college basketball is all we have until the NFL draft in... what... April. Winter sets in.

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