Sunday, March 08, 2009

The american evangelism gap (or gop)

I've had this saved as a draft for some time. I almost forgot about it. Michael F. Bird had an interesting post 'Evangelicals and the Reformed.' One quote in particular that caught my eye:
There are also some things about North American evangelicals that Christians outside of North American cannot comprehend: 1. Only North American evangelicals oppose measures to stem global warming, 2. Only North American evangelicals oppose universal health care, and 3. Only North American evangelicals support the Iraq War. Now, to Christians in the rest of the world this is somewhere between strange, funny, and frightening. Why is it that only North American evangelicals support these things? Are the rest of us stupid? It makes many of us suspicious that our North American evangelical friends have merged their theology with GOP economic policy, raised patriotism to an almost idolatrous level, and have a naive belief in the divinely given right of American hegemony. North Americans would do well to take the North-Americanism out of their evangelicalism and try to see Jesus through the eyes of Christians in other lands.

Definitely something to think about.

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MR said...

I've thought about it, and decided it's for the the Birds.

If it wasn't right to remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq, then it wasn't right to remove Slobodan Milosevic or Hitler for that matter. And if that's the case, and suffering and random death at the hands of dictators is part of a Job-like existence that Christians must bear, then count me out.

It also invites the question of "what wars WERE warranted?" If none, then the Jews weren't worth saving in WWII and the Civil War wasn't worth freeing blacks, etc.

This is the answer to "War, what is it good for?" He was just singing too loud for anyone to answer.

dan horwedel said...

I thought the answer was "absolutely nothing!"

In my opinion this goes back to the White Man video discussion from awhile ago. It has to do with the false assumption espoused by so many that Rush L., Ann C., and Fox News, etc. somehow speak to, or for, Christian values. Hey, they can say or think what they want. But watching Fox News doesn't make you a Christian. It makes you a Republican. And you can be both... but they are not one in the same. They're not AT ALL the same thing.

The only problem I see with this quote is that it lumps Canada and Mexico in with the USA... and I'm not so sure they're as guilty.

MR said...

I got into my time machine, went ahead two days and read the next 14 posts on this subject. Then I got back in, came back to now and I've decided that we've already had this conversation with different words. And insofar as we can't change each other's blood type... it runs that deep. So how 'bout them Lions?