Sunday, March 15, 2009

Isaac on the road

Son Isaac left on his road trip across America late last night or early this morning. He and two friends (Graham and Levi) are heading west. Probably going to take I-40, and at some point end up in San Diego. Then they'll try and meander back this way through Denver and Omaha to see some friends and relatives. At least that's what I've been told.

Isaac wrote an "on the road - before the road" post about it, and hopefully he is going to blog at various points along the way.

This has been a dream of he and Graham's for some time. They originally wanted to head to San Diego right after graduating high school. You can tell by the boy's writing that he is heavily influenced by Kerouac. I finally read 'On the Road' last year, and that didn't necessarily make me feel any better. But what do I know. When dreams call...

Isaac left here last night around 6 pm, and was picking up the other two in Indy. They were hoping to leave around 11 or midnight. I think the plan was to take turns driving, and just drive as far west as they could - hopefully arriving in SD on Monday, or so.

God speed.

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