Monday, March 16, 2009

Presidents prayer partners

I don't know if they are "officially" President Obama's prayer partners, but according to this article in the NY Times (, there are five people he apparently looks to as spiritual advisers. What was interesting to me is that one of them (Jim Wallis) was recently the boss of a friend and current member of our church (and mother of son Isaac's roommate). So that's kinda cool.

For the record, President Obama has never asked for my advice on anything. I'm sure if he did it would go something like... "So, Dan, when vacuuming the entryway carpet, is it better to go with the grain, or against it?" "Well, Mr. President, this is how I do it..."

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Carrie Jade said...

If I ever run across someone who needs advice on vacuuming carpet you will definitely be the first person that comes to mind, that's for sure. :)