Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just shoe me

I surely must be the most pathetic person alive. I can't even buy a pair of shoes.

I've needed new shoes for awhile. Actually, two pairs - new running shoes, and new casual shoes. I've been visiting shoe stores off and on for probably 2 months trying on pairs of each. It is a long, tedious process for me.

I'm really not all that concerned with what they look like. I guess I just have sensitive feet. They aren't wide or stubby or out of the ordinary at all, but I just can't stand having a tight shoe on. It's like having to tuck my shirt in. I also don't like a loose shoe. And I don't want anything too heavy. Argh. I guess this is because I have mostly worn nothing but tennis shoes my entire life. For many, many, many years it was nothing but Keds or Converse All-Stars (irregulars, of course). But now, as a runner, I'm concerned about foot balance and support and all that stuff.

These are the shoes I currently keep stocked in my closet: I have three pairs of tennis shoes - one pair of running shoes, a pair of everyday shoes (which are the most recently retired running shoes), and a pair of mowing shoes (the most recently retired everyday shoes). I have my work boots, which are mostly for winter. I have a pair of casual shoes, which I snagged from Isaac a few years ago, and they are getting kind of raggedy. I have 2 pairs of dress shoes that are exactly alike except one is brown and one is black. I've had them for maybe 15 years and they are still in perfect condition. They don't get worn much except Sunday mornings and the occasional need to dress up. And I have a pair of sandals. Gee, it seems like I have a lot of shoes when you write it all out like that.

The need for new running shoes is two-fold: my current pair are 8 months old, so that means they have run somewhere around 600 to 800 miles. They recommend new running shoes every 6 to 12 months. Also, both my running shoes and everyday shoes have a hole in the right toe. I need to keep my toenails trimmed better. But besides having a finicky foot, I also hate spending money. Thus the dilemma deepens.

Well, anyway, I actually BOUGHT a new pair of running shoes last night. I had been to Dick's Sporting Goods several times, and they had a nice sale on old-model shoes. They had some just like my current running shoes, but not in my size. So I grabbed a pair of Asics (which is what my everyday shoes are) right next to them. I had tried them on before, but for some reason I just went ahead and bought them last night. Then I got home and put them on and... they hurt my feet. They are too narrow and tight. Dangit! I forgot my old Asics were wides. I was depressed the rest of the night because I can't even buy a pair of shoes. Woe is me.

I will likely take them back on Friday. Then I will start over again. I was hoping to avoid paying $100 like I did with the last pair. These Asics were only $40. Somewhere out there is another pair of shoes. I hope.

And then it will be back to looking for some new casual shoes.

It never ends.


Carrie Jade said...

Thank you for this.

I have been looking for a new pair of sweats for about 6 weeks now. It's nice to know where I get this life makes sense again :)

dan horwedel said...

Sorry to have riddled you with such a curse. :)