Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Love jesus and do what you want

Before we drifted off to sleep last night Jane reminded me of this great quote from Lance Ford. We heard him talk at a Healthy Reproducing Churches conference in January 2006 in Champaign, IL. I remember when he first said to "love Jesus and do what you want," I was a little unsure. But, after thinking about it... if we love Jesus, then we will be doing what HE wants. And how can we go wrong with that? So I think that's gonna be my new mantra: Love Jesus and do what you want.

I thought for sure that I had blogged about it on here, but after a search and no luck, I finally found where I had written about it on another blog. Here are a few other tidbits I wrote down:
  • We need to ask ourselves if we are making disciples, or just trying to add Jesus to the "american dream."
  • Don't "have a mission," BE God's mission for the sake of the world.
  • Church should not be a subculture within a worldly culture, it's an outpost for the kingdom of God.
  • Jesus didn't say to build a church. He said to make disciples.
  • Effectiveness is not our gathering quota, it is our sending quota.


MR said...

Hey you've got a typo there, you forgot to capitalize "American".

Joan B. said...

From the first time I heard this quote - from you - it has been important, not just "important" but IMPORTANT. Love Jesus . . . the rest is, well, the rest.