Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bored radio haircut kjv old friend

Yesterday I was just plain bored out of my gourd sitting in the office. I had stuff I needed to do, but I couldn't stand it anymore so I decided to head to town and get some office supplies I'd been needing.

On the way there I turned on the local NPR station - which I've only recently started listening to, because a friend and member of our church (and sometimes commenter here) is now the President and GM - and I'll be by-gollied if she wasn't on the air! That's the first time I've heard her, and she sounded just like a radio personality. Very cool.

I also decided that maybe I should stop in and get a haircut. I went to one of those 'Great Clips' places, which I'm not real keen on, but figured I could do that every other haircut, and go to my regular lady every other one (they are a little cheaper). It was funny, because the lady I got didn't hardly say a thing; which was ok with me; as I just sat there with my eyes closed. Sometimes I don't like it when they yak and yak and yak. Which is what the person next to me was getting. Oh, and while I was waiting, this lady brought in her elderly dad to get a haircut. They sat down and she asked if he wanted to look at a magazine while they waited. He said, "Yeah, do they have any girlie magazines?" Hehe. She was like, "No, dad, but here's a Cosmopolitan," and rolled her eyes. It was kinda funny.

Anyway, I got my stuff, and went back to the office and opened the mail. I got a Sunday School lesson thing from our denominational office. Sort of a "here's an idea for you," I guess. The weird thing was, it was based on the King James Version of the Bible. I always forget that there are still people who use the KJV - much less that there are still people who are "King James Only." I also tend to forget there are churches that get uptight about what people wear, or having food & drink in the sanctuary, or music styles, and things like that. I forget how lucky I am sometimes.

I also stumbled onto an old friend through Facebook yesterday. He was a pastor in a neighboring town when I was just getting involved in Christianity. We connected through music, as we were both guitar players. He actually loaned me a $1200 guitar one weekend - no questions asked. He also gave me one of the highlights of my life: He put on concerts in the little town he lived in, and brought in some semi-big name Christian performers. When he brought Randy Stonehill to town, he let Jane and I take Randy to the airport after the show. Randy even let me carry his guitar through the airport. I remember when we went to his room at the hotel to pick him up, the first thing he asked us was, "Can you tell me what town I'm in?" Anyway, it was great to connect with Steve again. I actually just referred to him in a sermon a couple weeks ago. He used to volunteer as a coach with our high school football team, and I remembered seeing him on the sidelines with this old blue jean jacket that said, "He died for me, I'll live for Him" on the back. This was before I was a Christian, and I remember that making a definite impression on me; like, here is a guy who actually wears his faith for all to see. I thought that was pretty neat.

So, anyway, it was a good day. I know, that's hard to believe, isn't it? I topped it off by taking m'Lady to a movie. I'll save that for a post all its own.

Peace out; and in.

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