Saturday, March 28, 2009

New running shoes

I finally got a new pair of running shoes, and went ahead and ran in them today so I won't be able to take them back (even though I probably still could after 4.2 miles). I took the other pair back to Dick's - and lemme tell ya - I swear it is almost easier to return something at Dick's Sporting Good's than it is to BUY something there! I do not like those places where you go to check out and you have to play twenty questions just so you can give them your money for their junk.

Anyway, I got a pair of Asics Gel-Kanbarra's (wide) at Kohl's for $39.99. I thought I was going to have to go back to the running place and spend $100, but I checked Kohl's one more time. I must have missed all the wide width shoes before. They felt pretty good.

But (and you knew there would be a but)... while running in them they reminded me of my old Asics shoes (that are going to become my new mowing shoes); they are comfortable to wear around, but I don't know how good they will be for running. They are almost too soft; and the heel slips a bit. I don't know, they may be alright, but it seems my old Asics made my legs hurt. So we'll see. I may just wear these for my everyday shoes, and I may yet have to go to Three Rivers for some running shoes. I can still wear my old runnings shoes for awhile yet.

Life shouldn't have to be this hard. But at least my shoes are soft.


Cindy said...

hey dan, I'm just catching up on reading today and ran across your "shoe" posts. funny. I'm like that too, with a bit of real foot trouble thrown in. the best thing I ever did was go to a "for real" running/athletic store (not the fancy one in the mall, but the one the serious runners go to- i had to ask around) and get the sales people (who are actually runners) to help me find the best shoes for me. they had me put on different shoes and run in front of them in the store to see what worked best.

i got the ones they recommended (more $ than I would have paid normally) but since then (over 15 years ago) I've never changed brands. I get the shoes at a cheaper store now, but that consultation was more than worth the extra cost on the front side. maybe next time you could find someplace like that. BTW- I wear Sauconys.

MR said...

She buys those shoes at WalMart now, but it's okay, for some reason the store full of runners who knew what they were talking about went out of business. :D

dan horwedel said...

Last year I did just what you did. I went to a running club store and they had me get on a treadmill and find the right shoe for me. I ended up getting Saucony's too (then). I probably should have went back this time too, as I have a tendency to buy to loose when I go on my own judgment.