Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vote for the sign

What do you think of these two sign sketches? Do either of them look good to you; do they look out of place; any suggestions or comments at all? I would appreciate any input anyone might have. (Anonymous votes and/or suggestions are welcome)


Shell said...

I like the 2nd one.

Carrie Jade said...

I agree with Shell

grace said...

I like the second one better also, which says it is actually Sketch #1, not to be confused with the first one which, even though it is Sketch #2, is not the second one.

Patricia said...

Definitely Sketch #1 on the bottom. So far, it's unanimous.

Jim said...

Yup, the second one. It doesn't scrunch all the text up on four lines, allowing the name of the church to be in a nice quickly scannable block and then the first 'linear' line (Department of Redundancy Department) to be readable, and since that's your worship time, that seems kinda important to me.

But where's the space for you to put the obnoxious church quote of the week? You know, like, "Don't let worries kill you; Let church help." :o)

dan horwedel said...

Thanks for the votes, comments, and emails. Please feel free to continue.

And, yes, thanks Grace, for pointing out the proper numbering/order. I always try to not be as unconfusing as I possibly can't be so as to minimize not mixing things up anymore than I don't have to. Sort of. ;)

That's where I put my foot down: I absolutely DO NOT want one of those signs you can put stupid sayings on.

Personally, I'm still torn on the whole thing. Someone pointed out that it's red/white & blue; and I know the logo is too big; and I don't know if I like the phone number on there. I dunno...

Jim said...

Well, here's the thing about that logo. From a distance (as in how the photos look in the post before clicking on them and making them larger, which is how I would take it they would look from a bit down the road), I don't mean to be sacrilegious or anti-denominational here, but the "GOD" part of the logo renders at first glance like the three balls of a pawn shop sign - at least, to me. So making it smaller would actually heighten that effect.

Then again, a church AND pawn shop could be just what the country needs in these economically straitened times, meeting all the needs of the community at once.

"I'll give you $50 and a blessing for that Stratocaster."

Jim said...

Two other points - you could save some space and perhaps then enlarge the last two lines (or join them together) if you dropped the "Ph. 260-" from the phone number (unless Ft. Wayne is a multi-area-code/10-digit-dialing area) and the "www." from the Web address. Presumably most people would understand "638-4270" and fairviewlife.com standing on their own. Just a thought.

Carrie Jade said...

To unwrap my opinion like blog-friend Jim:

1-Yes, it's red, white & blue. I'm about as patriotic as a flying squirrel (not saying I hate America, I'm just not into School Spirit) but I like the colors together. I think blue and white are two relaxing and comforting colors when paired together and the red draws you to what you're looking for. Maybe you could make the background a grey-ish color.?

2 - I like the suggestion of having the phone number and website on one line. i'd go with:
(260)636-4270 * fairviewlife.com
- or something like that.

3 - I'm not a big fan of the CGGC logo. I'd like to see the flames taken out and just make that part a straight line like the other side. Unfortunately, my opinion on the matter doesn't count and yours probably wouldn't either. However, maybe if you changed it on the FVC sign no one would ever notice. But, maybe now that I've written this you wouldn't be able to get away with it.

4 - That being said, I think that if we're going to affiliate ourselves with the denomination, the logo should stay. Maybe you could try it in the bottom right corner? I know what I think that could look like but I won't try and describe it.

5 - I like it how it is, mostly.

6 - I like the pawn shop idea. :) But seriously...

Clay D said...

My computer is so slow it was taking forever to download, so I decided to give my opinion on your blog. I like the second one (sketch #1) better, it is easier to read and I also like the colors. I would agree about Jim's comment about shortening the phone number and website address.
Robin D

dan horwedel said...

Some good points. Thanks. I don't know what you mean by "three balls of a pawn shop sign" though. But giving out strat blessings might entice some good musicians!

I agree about the colors. As far as changing the logo - ha! I don't see that happening. But I never thought about future affiliation status. Hmm.

Thanks, and sorry about that email. It took forever for my computer to send it. I should have split it up.

Jim said...

See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pawnbroker#Symbol

Brian said...

I like the 2nd one (if this isn't too late.) Prob no need for Ph. I suspect they would know it is a phone # and prob don't need area code. Overall it's pretty attractive even with the logo though I'd drop it.