Tuesday, April 14, 2009


  • I seem to be thinking in bullet points lately.
  • My lower back is killing me. It's been kind of sore for a few weeks, but last night after I did my usual 4+ miles it got worse. I don't know that it's the running, but not sure what. I've been trying Jane's exercises, but they don't seem to work for me.
  • Yesterday I put out 3 garbage cans at the church, and I watched the truck come and dump them, and one went right into the back of the truck. I called and the lady said that happens sometimes.
  • I refiled the ST-200, and found out I had to file an NP-20 for EACH year from 2003-2008. They weren't long forms, but I had to list the church officers for each year, so I had to go back and figure that out.
  • I started N.T. Wright's 'Surprised By Hope' yesterday, but... I dunno... I'm just not in a reading mood. We'll see. It might just be the back pain.
  • I ironed the new set of cloth napkins last night; and my shirt.
  • The only t.v. shows we really watch with any kind of regularity are Life, 24, and Chuck. Life is my favorite, and they had their season-ending show last week. Chuck and 24 seem to be fading a bit, for me at least. I don't get into the reality shows... especially Dancing With The Stars and American Idol.
  • Rainy dreary days at this time of year are depressing. I kinda like them sometimes in the summer and fall, but... not now.
  • I will head to the post office today and mail our taxes. I don't understand how some people get refunds. We seem to always have to pay. And this year was worse than usual.
  • I can't decide whether to book this comedian/singer guy for July 12 or 26. Stuff like this is where a staff would come in handy. Even a secretary. The answering machine just gives me the same old response every time.
  • My gray sweatshirt that I'm wearing today is fraying around the neck.
  • I actually like wearing button shirts - as long as I don't have to tuck them in - but I don't like to have to iron them. I generally wear an undershirt under almost all my shirts - sometimes even t-shirts. Though when it gets hot I will just wear t-shirts.
  • I don't seem to be as hot as I used to be. I used to always be way hot. Now I think I'm getting more normal.
  • When my dad was here this weekend he asked about a couple of guns he gave me. Though I never know if he's given them to me, or if he's just storing them here. Sometimes he comes and pulls out guns that I didn't even know were here. He is a collector, but he just sold 45 of his guns at auction. Some from the Civil War. He still has plenty more. I would have liked some of the antique guns, but... you know, they aren't mine. Anyway, he asked about a pistol he gave me. I had forgotten all about it, and I couldn't find it when he was here. I found it last night, but it doesn't have the pin and the round thing that holds the bullets in it. I must have hidden that in a different location. It's a cool gun. I think it's chrome plated (or maybe it's nickel. I dunno). I don't like to shoot guns though.
  • Maybe I should take the week off from running. I was already going to have to take off Thursday through Sunday, because we'll have to put a mattress in the treadmill room for guests. The worst part about taking time off is that, as I get older, it takes longer and longer for me to get back in shape. Even taking a week off will take me a month to get back up to speed. And, actually, I am yet to get back up to the 5 miles a day that I was doing awhile back. Ugh.


grace said...

Sorry about your back. I hope it's a temporary issue.

Carrie Jade said...

Another mystery solved: i'm always hot too.

People are freezing at work today and I'm in a t-shirt doin just fine.

Patricia said...

•Try some Curamin for the back pain (available at your local health food store).
•Get a professional massage.
•Flip your mattress
•Drinketh more beer!