Friday, May 22, 2009

Blood running

The title is a little deceiving. There is no blood running here (probably not even in my veins). Two separate thoughts.

This morning I had to get a blood test. It's time for another cholesterol check. I do not want to find out what it is, because I don't want to go back on the meds. Anyway, I went back to the little PA Labs place in Waynedale that I used the last time. I had to fast, so I wanted to be there early. I checked online and they were supposed to open at 8 am. I was glad to see there were no cars in the parking lot when I pulled in at 8:03. However NO cars meant there were also no employees. There was a teeny little note that said for this week only they didn't open until 8:30. So I drove around for a half hour. When I came back there was a lady sitting out front smoking a cigarette. Finally about 8:33 the nurse came whipping in the driveway. And I'm not sure why, but they told me to go on ahead and sit in the big blood-taking chair first. I gave her my order and my prescription card, and she asked if I was sure I was at the right place. I said, "Well, do you take blood?" But she said that my card was connected to some other type of place. I'd forgotten we had switched insurance since the last time I was here. I told her to go ahead and suck my blood anyway. Five minutes later I was headed to McDonalds for a celebratory sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle.

I ran last night for the first time all week. My back had been especially sore this week, plus I just seemed to be busier than usual, and some days just too depressed to run. But after mowing I hopped on the treadmill and did a little over 4 miles. And the funny thing is... about the only time my back doesn't hurt is when I run. Isn't that weird? I had thought the running might be what was making it hurt. But that actually makes it feel better. Maybe I should pull a Forest Gump and just run all the time.

See ya.

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