Friday, May 22, 2009


I mowed the yard yesterday afternoon, and it was a beautiful day. It only took 2 hours and 10 minutes too. The grass wasn't too thick, the dandelions weren't too bad, and it was nice and dry. It was also nice to just drive the mower in and out of the shed, what with the new stone ramp and all. No more lining up the wheels on the boards.

I did manage to get a sunburn though. This was actually the first time I'd worn shorts and a short sleeve shirt to mow in. The tops of my legs, my arms, and my face and neck are pretty red. It's because of my blood pressure medicine. It makes me sensitive to the sun. I'm such a sensitive soul anyway. But I did think to take an ibuprofen before I mowed, and my back didn't hurt too bad when I was done. I also started taking a 4-hour antihistamine when I mow, on top of the 24-hour one I take every day. That seems to help.

I think I need to sharpen the blades. I suppose all those dandelions have dulled them.

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