Thursday, May 21, 2009

Backyard: tomatos, bird feeder, tree

I don't need no stinkin' tomato tree. Perhaps you've seen those upside down tomato planters they advertise on tv. I'm hoping these buckets work just the same. I planted these last night. We're actually going to let them grow right-side up for a week (to let the roots grow), and then hang them here. On the left are cherry tomatoes; on the right are regular beefsteaks (or something like that).
This is Jane's new bird feeder she got for Mother's Day. We originally used a wild finch feed mix, and we had birds out the wazoo. The other night we ran out and switched to just thistle seed and put the finch-only inserts in the feeder. That has definitely cut down on the activity, and I'm hoping some of our finch friends will return. We have now hung a wild-bird feeder in the tree in the distance.
This is a sore spot on our tree. We planted this tree maybe 8 years ago. We brought it home in our minivan (before Carrie wrecked it). I don't know what happened, but it's got this big gash in it now. Does anybody know anything about trees? Any ideas on what to do? (and please disregard the trailer-trash back patio. We're hoping to redo it this summer).


Tom said...

There's a tree guy named Ford that lives down the road from you a few miles to the west.

Larry Geiger said...

Was there a limb there that came off? It looks like some sort of maple tree. If it's a maple, it will have places like that. It will heal itself as it gets larger.

dan horwedel said...

I knew GM was just down the road from me, but I didn't know about Ford.

There was never a limb here. It's only about a foot off the ground. It's like it just split. It is some kind of maple though, so hopefully it will heal itself.

Tom said...

lol well, this Ford's name is Jeff and he lives on Prine Road in that big yellow (I think it's yellow) house just south of Yoder Road. He owns J&A Tree Sevice. They used to go to our church but it was before my time. I think they go to Broadway now.