Thursday, May 21, 2009

Listen until he whispers

From Practicing His Presence by Frank Laubach, p. 28:
One of the mental characteristics against which I have rebelled most is the frequency of my "blank spells" when I cannot think of anything worth writing and sometimes cannot remember names. Henceforth I resolve to regard these as God's signal that I am to stop and listen. Sometimes you want to talk to your son, and sometimes you want to hold him tight in silence. God is that way with us, He wants to hold us still with Him in silence.

Here is something we can share with all the people in the world. They cannot all be brilliant or rich or beautiful. They cannot all even dream beautiful dreams like God gives some of us. They cannot all enjoy music. Their hearts do not all burn with love. But everybody can learn to hold God. And when God is ready to speak, the fresh thoughts of heaven will flow in like a crystal spring. Everybody rests at the end of the day, what a gain if everybody could rest in the waiting arms of the Father, and listen until He whispers.

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