Thursday, May 07, 2009

Church stuff

Some things going on at church at the moment.
  • We have basically agreed on a new front sign, but I am still fine-tuning it with the designer. She probably hates my guts. I had her do 5 or 6 changes today. I will think about it over the weekend, but next week we'll probably get it ordered.
  • Les fixed the furnace today. I guess the motor was bad. He got a new used one and it seems to be okay now. Good thing. It would not be good to not have air conditioning with a wedding this weekend.
  • I had a guy come to the church today to check out our handicap accessibility situation. Geez, those lift chairs and things are expensive. We talked about one of those chairs that glides up the stairs. That would be the least expensive option. But the best option would be a wheelchair lift that would go to all three levels. I don't know that we can justify that expense with the shape our building is in though. Ugh. I hate stuff like this. Why did they ever build these old church buildings like this?
  • I'm still waiting on another estimate to get the parking lot re-sealed. I talked to this place this winter and they said they would get us an estimate; then I called last Saturday and they said they would get it to me right away. I can't believe I'm going to have to call again. The only thing is - when I talked to them Saturday something the guy said made me wonder if he has the right church. Maybe all that tar has went to his brain.
  • I also had a guy come and measure for a concrete patio on the back of the parsonage. Before we moved in they said they were going to put a deck on. I'm beginning to think they're not going to (after 10 years). A patio would be nicer. I have a feeling my back is going to regret mixing and pouring ourselves though. Whatever.
  • Next weekend we're supposed to start work on enclosing the south end of the pavilion.

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