Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wedding butterflies

We had a wedding at the church Saturday and they did something I had never heard of before. Instead of throwing rice or bird seed or blowing bubbles, they released butterflies as the couple exited the church. Well, at least they tried.

As the guests walked out they handed everyone a small triangle envelope, and inside was a real live butterfly. They came from the Butterfly Release Company ( Someone read some thing about making a wish and blowing it in the butterfly's ear, and as the couple came out we were supposed to open the flap and the butterflies would all fly out and take our wish to the Great Spirit (or something). Well, it was kind of windy, and a little chilly, so maybe that's why most of our wishes had to be pulled out and thrown into the air. Mine went up as far as I could throw it and fell right to the ground. Probably had something to do with my pessimistic attitude. There were maybe a dozen or so that fluttered off.

The next morning there were still quite a few butterfly wishes laying in various states of discombobulation at the entrance of the church building. I'm sure if the weather had been better it would have been a really neat thing.


Jim said...

That's kinda sad...So why am I laughing?

Jim said...

I just CAN'T leave this one alone!

I know what they did wrong - you're supposed to have butterflies BEFORE the wedding, yes? :o)

grace said...

LOL, yep, nothing says love like a bunch of dead butterflies.

dan horwedel said...

You guys are sick.

That's probably why I like ya. :)