Monday, May 11, 2009

A nice day; and now...

We had a good Mother's Day, and now it's on to a busy, busy week.
  • It was a fairly decent Sunday morning, other than me totally screwing up the ending on the last song. That's one of the nice things about our church though - it just made for a good laugh.
  • Afterward me, Jane and Carrie had Mother's Day lunch at Moe's. It was good, but they didn't say "Welcome to Moe's!" the whole time we were there.
  • After that Jane wanted to go look at shoes. She found a new pair of red ones to replace the ones she just blew a strap on, and I even found some shoes. I wouldn't have bought them, but they were on the clearance rack, and they are dr. martens and super comfy.
  • Then we came home and Jane and Carrie planted flowers and put up the new finch feeder I got Jane for Mother's Day. I went over to the church and worked for awhile.
  • Son Isaac came home for a visit after having to do worship at his church, and by the time I got back over to the house Drew was there too and everyone was sitting out back.
  • We all sat around in the back yard and watched the bunny play and the new finch feeder get a good breaking in. There were two yellow finches, a red one, and gobs of brown ones. Pretty neat. I was going to fly my kite, but the wind kept dying down. Then it got kind of cold.
  • Isaac had to go to a Redi-med Saturday, as he had a bad earache and passed out again on Friday. Just an ear infection. And DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN GET FREE ANTIBIOTICS AT MEIJER'S? I didn't know that, but he did.
  • We splurged and ordered a bunch of food to bring home from East of Chicago for supper. Then everyone went their separate ways.
  • Isaac moves into a different house today (hopefully). He'll be moving out of the AU campus apartments and into an off-campus house with Graham and Caleb. They will live there this summer and through next year (their last year of undergrad at AU). Graham leaves for India today, and Caleb will be going to Nicaragua (or somewhere) in July. Isaac is taking 3 classes this summer (11 hours). I think it's Greek 1 & 2, and something else.
  • I ordered the new sign for out front, and sent in the contract to get the parking lot resealed.
  • This week I will lose a day and a half. Wednesday I go to Findlay for Ritz Lectures, and Saturday we have a work day at the church. And I'm not one of those people who works real well under pressure, so I'm hoping I don't freak out. So far, so good.
  • I suppose that means I should probably get to work.
peace out; and in.

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