Saturday, June 13, 2009

On the road - pt. 3

I'm sitting in a fifth floor window in a Holiday Inn in Des Moines, Iowa. For some reason that has me thinking about Manfred Mann and his earth band. Wasn't there a song about being stranded in Iowa?

Anyway, we left Loveland, CO this morning at 7:46 (mountain time) and arrived here about 7 pm (central time). So that's like just over 10 hours on the road. Dang. I hate driving in a car.

I can't really remember anything else at the moment, other than the moaning road during a stretch in Nebraska. It was the weirdest thing... the road seemed to moan as you drove on it. It was funny. Nebraska is one boring state other than that though. I thought about an old friend, Al, who lives in Craphole, when we drove through there. Actually, I think it's Lincoln, but he calls it Craphole for some reason.

Oh, and last night at the cookout at Keith's, Matt and Jessie both brought their dogs, and when Jessie showed up the dogs got into it. It was an all-out dog fight. And on the same day that Michael Vick got released by the Falcons. There was even a little blood. But they finally got them separated, and Jessie took his dog home, since he lived right there in town (and Matt is from Denver).

Anyway, we stopped in Des Moines because I couldn't focus my eyes any longer. The Holiday Inn was full other than suites, so we told the guy we were going to go somewhere else, but he gave us a suite that had two chairs instead of a sofa for the price of a regular room. Sweet. Then we ate supper in the attached Bennigans. I had chicken fried steak, because, you know, normally I'm not supposed to eat something like that. But I'm on vacation, so screw the doctor. I haven't eaten oatmeal all week either. Ha! I am such a bad boy.

Okay, I should probably go in the other room of our suite and see my sweety.

Peace out; and in.

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