Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Church planting fears

David Fitch has an excellent post on The Three Biggest Fears We Must Face When Planting A Church / I.E. Seeding A Missional Community. I don't know that these would necessarily be my three biggest, but this is good; and the comments contain some heavy relevance. This is worth keeping around, and sharing. I think Fitch has some of the best stuff out there at the moment.

Speaking of which, Reggie McNeal also shared some brief thoughts on planting at our conference a couple weeks ago... stuff I've been thinking. I'm hoping he has more about it in his new book that I bought. It's along the lines of... it's time we started thinking about planting differently. Maybe we've created all the churches that are going to look like what we think of as church. Anyhew... happy July.

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