Thursday, July 02, 2009


Yesterday I finished Practicing His Presence by Frank Laubach and Brother Lawrence. I thought it was good. But I think I preferred the parts by Laubach over the edited works of Lawrence.

Now I don't know what to start on. I will probably jump into Reggie McNeal's Missional Renaissance. I imagine I've heard large parts of it, since I just heard him speak, but it looks good.

I also bought an older book by Reggie, A Work of Heart, that looks good. So if Missional Renaissance bogs down I may switch.

I also recently picked up Day By Day: The Notre Dame Prayer Book for Students. I've been looking through it off and on. Just a bunch prayers, but I like this sort of thing.

Or, I've had a desire to start in on Jesus For President by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw too. Jane has been reading it and it sounds pretty good.

And there's a whole pile behind these just staring me in the face... ugh.

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