Thursday, July 16, 2009

Community cookout and concert

We had a nice evening for the community concert and cookout last Sunday night. The weather was beautiful, the food and music were good, there was a nice crowd of 90+, and it was extra nice that one of the guys in the church invited some members of his car club to join us and let us look their cars over.

We ate at 6; then the car club guys introduced themselves and their cars; then Greg Strange entertained us with his comedy and singing.

Here are some pics (click on the pic to enlarge)...

The row of old cars.
I think I was contemplating whether or not I wanted this guy for a son-in-law. Good thing a Christian comedian was coming up the walk to set me straight.
Robin & Jane smiling pretty.
Drew sitting with all his friends. Actually, he was first in the food line and got the choice seat. In the background is Dr. Binckley and his wife. They have a medical practice in Haiti.
Notice Drew is almost done and the line is still long. We need a double line or put condiments on a separate table.
Rie Ann in the sky.Me and Greg.
Greg doing his Elvis bit.

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