Friday, July 17, 2009

Three rivers instead of tin caps

Last night was an odd sorta night. We had steaks on the grill (delmonico's), and they were good. I don't even remember the last time we had steaks at home. Then we headed to Fort Wayne for a Tincaps game. We were a little late, and we couldn't find a stinking parking place anywhere (why do they close off all the free parking for these games?), so we finally ended up parking in the Parkview Field garage. So, of course, we had to use the back entrance; and we stood in line for 45 freaking minutes to get tickets. We actually weren't too far from the window when these younger guys starting being jerks. They had a friend at the front of the line and they were having him buy all their tickets and they kept walking from back to front and saying stupid stuff and it was making me MAAAAD; plus the fact that there were a billion people there (I forgot it was dollar beer night); plus the fact that the lawn seats were sold out, and someone said all they had left were $10.50 seats... so Jane and I bolted and left. I hated eating the $4 we paid to park, but it wasn't going to be worth it.

So then we decided this would probably be our only opportunity to take in the Three Rivers Festival anyway, so we headed there. And we got a really great parking spot (free, btw) at Friemann Square. We walked through food alley and absorbed some fried food smell into our skin, then debated whether we wanted to spend the $8 to go into the tent. We finally figured we would have spent that at the game, so we went in. And it ended up only costing us 7.50, plus we got free buttons (to use later; except we won't be able to). Anyway, there was a pretty smallish crowd. But the band was pretty happenin'. I had heard *of* Good Night Gracie, but had never heard them. They were good. Kind of a party/dance band. They had a wild set-list of all covers. I liked their variety. They went from "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash, to "I Like Big Butts" to "Fulsom Prison Blues." They actually did a lot of rap - and, you know, I don't really mind rap music; I just don't care for thug music. But anyway, they were fun. I liked how they went straight from song to song to song without stopping or much talking. And I think I actually used to know their guitar player. I think he gave lessons where Isaac took them (but not to Isaac). By the time they were done the crowd was growing. I suppose the baseball game had let out. And then Hairbangers Ball took the stage. Ha. It was hilarious. They opened with "Jump" by Van Halen, and people started running for the stage. I couldn't believe how the crowd just like "turned on." And it was funny. These people had this big fake hair (at least it LOOKED fake). I'm sure it was supposed to be a joke (like hair-metal itself was intended to be). But I suppose they were an ok band. I saw the girl in the band on my way to the bathroom, and she is tiny, and she had this short, short, short skirt, and as much makeup as a clown. People were getting their pictures taken with her. Anyway, we left during the first song.

We briefly thought about hopping over to Columbia Street to see Drew's band (swimming into view). They were playing in round two of the battle of the bands, but they didn't start until 10:30 - which is when we left Headwaters - and Jane had to work early today; plus I never know if that's a cool thing to do or not - you know, popping in unexpectedly on the soon-to-be son-in-law's band. So we headed home.

Then we had some wicked storms last night. A downpour, and thunder, and lightning. I didn't even know it was supposed to rain. I looked out the window once, and I swear it looked like lightning hit a pole at the neighbor across the streets house. Sure enough, later there was a utility truck over there.

So... there ya go. Now I need to vacuum, and then get a hotel room for our guests this weekend. Old friends, and missionaries to the Philippines, are coming in; plus I think both kids will be home this weekend. Of course, since it hasn't rained in forever, it's naturally supposed to rain all weekend now. Oh well.



Carrie Jade said...

1 - I heard the Tin Caps game was pretty packed and based (no pun intended) on the people who told me this - probably packed with drunk guys in their 20s so I would have skipped out too.

2 - I love Good Night Gracie. You get the same show every time but it's fun.

3 - I dropped in unexpectadely on the 'fiance's' show. Had I known you guys were in town I would have called. Katelyn and I randomly decided it was better than anything else we had to do so we just drove down for the show and drove back.

That's all. See you soon!

dan horwedel said...

Bummer. I wish we'd have known.