Thursday, August 20, 2009

Exercise room again

We have an exercise room again. Drew Carrie moved out quite a bit of stuff yesterday; then last night we got it organized; and the treadmill and bike are set up once again. I even got the tv hooked back up, so all that's left to do is... exercise. Ugh.

The last time I ran on the treadmill was May 29, and I only did 2 miles. The last time before that was 4 miles done on May 22. So I am pretty out of shape to say the least.

The day before yesterday I did two 1-mile walks. I think I am going to have to start back slow. I tend to forget that it literally took me years to work up to the 5-mile-a-day runs that I was doing. First we walked every day, then we got an exercise bike, then the treadmill. And it was a big deal to just do a mile at first.

I'm actually surprised I didn't put on more weight since I've stopped. I've probably added 5 pounds or so (I don't really know for sure). I think the biggest thing is this is probably why my blood pressure has gone up. It has probably been a nice rest for my back and legs though.

Anyway... if you don't hear from me for awhile, somebody come and check the back wall of the exercise room. That's where the treadmill will deposit me should I fail to keep up.

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JAH said...

Are you sure there isn't some other reason that we can't start doing this again...although, I know I really need to get going on that bike to nowhere.