Tuesday, September 08, 2009

iworship test

This past Sunday we tried one song off an iworship DVD ("How Great Thou Art"). I have a "home" dvd, and I just recorded the one song onto a vhs tape and played it. I used it with the words on - hoping that people would sing along with it. I thought about taking a Sunday where we did all the music from this, but decided to just try one song first and see how it went. So we did several songs the regular way (Jane on keys, Jim on drums, me on guitar and vocal, and Robin on vocal), then I had everyone sit down and I played the iworship video.

I don't know how much people sang. I suppose maybe if I'd had everyone keep standing it would have been better. And I heard more people singing at the beginning. I don't think it helped that they sang it a little different on the video than we do. But what surprised me was... after the service was over I had several people tell me how much they enjoyed that. And they were ALL older people. I thought that was interesting.

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