Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Top six tactical mistakes that churches make

Bill Easum has a nice post on the Top Six Tactical Mistakes Churches Make, and a second with Two More. via

I like his point about the announcements (they should not be the first thing you do, because they're like commercials, and nobody likes commercials, so why would we start out with all of them at once?). We usually do announcements first - though recently I had been starting with a song and then doing announcements. I am thinking about moving them back to when we take up our offering (which is when Willowcreek has done them when I've been there). And they need to be wayyyy minimized. I have put them on the screen before the start of the service before, but I don't think people read them, and it takes me too much time.

The other thing I liked was the deal about children not being the future. Not that they're NOT the future - they are - but as I've always said, they are the present too!


Isaac Horwedel said...

My only problem with de-emphasizing the announcements is that I think it ends up putting too much emphasis on the Sunday morning service as opposed to emphasizing some of the things the church does on the six other days of the week. However, I can see why one would want to spread them out to create more of an "experience" on a sunday morning. Anyway, just my thoughts.

dan horwedel said...

Good point. I think what he means though is that if you just stack them all together at the front people will tune them out - which I see happen all the time. Plus the fact that a lot of church announcements shouldn't be announcements anyway - if they don't pertain to everybody. And you make a great point that we need to keep in mind when making them: getting across that church isn't a one day a week thing. Thanks!