Thursday, September 10, 2009

The nines

Yesterday I watched a little bit of The Nines. This was a wonderful idea by Leadership Network and Catalyst - a free, live conference right in front of your own computer; and they limited speakers to 9 minutes each (at 9:09 on 9.09.09).

I didn't listen to very many speakers, but Nancy Beach was by far my favorite. There were some I listened to that were not even close to being my favorite. If I had a complaint it was that I didn't see a schedule of speakers until it had already started. I would have liked to be able to pick and choose a little better. I really didn't even hear about the event until a day or two before. This would be one of those things where it would be nice to have a denomination to inform us of these things.

Anyway, I can honestly only take so many people talking on leadership at once, and it got to be a bit much yesterday... but I really did want to hear some of the speakers. Does anyone know if the individual talks will be available anywhere for download?

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dan horwedel said...

It's possible that videos may be available here (though there aren't too many there yet):